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Portrait of


"HRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge", 2022.

Oil on canvas cm. 80x120.

H.R.H. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
H.R.H. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 2022. Oil on canvas cm. 80x120..JPG
portrait of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
This painting represents Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in her famous golden dress. It is part of a double portrait (the second one progressing in this month) and was presented in Venice at Palazzo Albrizzi Capello in August 2022 at the exhibition "Venezia in Biennale". I wanted to recall the reinassance Tudor period meanwhile depicting the Princess with a touch of modernity. I leave the description to prof. Paola Fabietti Dragone:

"The refined, structural simplicity of the composition vibrates both with luminous vivacity and warm, expressive intensity, which the artist has captured in the aristocratic figure of the Duchess of Cambridge. Her Royal Highness is embellished in an aura of radiant light which glances over her noble form.
This important, representative work features a masterful transition from the physiognomic to the psychological, with an air of regality blended with intense personal recognition.
The darkened background of the canvas holds the eye to the glowing apparition of beauty and charm advancing from within the portrait and dwells with pinpoint accuracy on the sparkling detail of the brilliant sequins embellishing the dress, like a galaxy of stars eminating infinite rays of luninescence in every direction, which cannot compare to the elegance of a personal figure of great charisma and authoritativeness.
In its masterful technical individuality, there is both pictorial and representative balance. In fact, in the compositional space of the background, another source of light is shown, softer and more enveloping, which comes to reveal features, expressions and the elegant details of the hairstyle, earrings and hands, from whose tender grasp emerges the stem of a rose, a classic symbol of femininity and beauty.
Through a poetic sense of nuances, careful attention to detail and a plasticity made by shading and chromatic pulsation, Flury's artistic experience as yet remains in a rapid stage of  development on the subject of human nature, expertly tunneling from without to within, from the objective physicality to the indefinable and supersensitive ephemerality that enlivens the noble tradition of portraiture.   The artist succeeds, in this work, to portray an enchanting figure of a supernatural and yet actual fairylike beauty who, at her pace and by her sweet will, spreads a magical dust of bright stars over those she deems as worthy of her grace."        Prof. Paola Fabietti Dragone