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About the portrait artist

Albert Edwin Flury

Albert Edwin Flury: "Self-portrait with the Commander's cross of the Order of Danilo I of Montenegro", 2017. 

Albert Edwin Flury was born in 1974 in Busto Arsizio, from an Italian mother and a Swiss / English father. From an early age he showed outstanding artistic skills that led him to acquire, at the age of only six, a special Certificate of Merit issued by the President of the Regional Council Cav. Gr. Cr. Sergio Marvelli on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the Statute of the Lombardy Region.

The love for art was therefore already in existence when the four-year-old boy used to ask his mother to enter the ancient churches to admire those masterpieces they are adorned with. It is perhaps precisely those works that have left an indelible trace in Albert's soul whose art is inexorably rooted in the past. In particular, the visit to the Palace of Versailles at the age of eight had a decisive influence on the artist's stylistic choice, in whose works you can breathe that noble and refined air typical of the eighteenth century.

Self-taught for several years with techniques ranging from watercolor to tempera, the artist decides at fourteen to undertake artistic high school studies, a period in which he will have the opportunity to study the human figure from life and from which he will obtain a diploma of Art in 1992. He will follow the architectural courses at the Politecnico di Milano, through which he will deepen the study of the Perspective and the formulas that regulate it.

It was in the 1990s that the young artist's pictorial production took off; having joined a prestigious artistic-cultural association in Milan, he had the opportunity to initially exhibit his works in collective exhibitions, obtaining the first commissions of portraits, a sector that will meet approval from both critics and public.


Numerous Albert Edwin Flury's artworks and portraits are now exhibited in private, public and religious collections. We invite you to visit the "Events and Exhibitions" section hereunder for a detailed list.

Albert Edwin Flury at Versailles
Let's go back to the old times and we will have made some progress.   
                               (Giuseppe Verdi)

Albert Edwin Flury young boy at his first visit to the Palace of Versailles, July 1982

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