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fine portraiture by albert edwin flury
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Dear visitor, perhaps for the first time you are coming across the idea of ​​having yourself portrayed; or it is a dream that has always been posponed. Or, maybe, you are thinking of a precious gift for a special occasion, a Wedding, an Anniversary, Christening, Graduation or to celebrate your loved ones or even your ancestors in a painting to enjoy for generations. Whatever the reason you are visiting this page, let me explain my modus operandi:

An oil portrait of mine requires a particular process of creation; when possible, a meeting takes place but, when this is not possible, the portrait project can be drafted on the basis of photographs, even sent remotely. 


Once the elements of the portrait have been agreed, I do carry out a study and a draft of the portrait, paying attention to details; from the pose to the clothes, from the foreground to the background. I always love to involve my clients in the process by keeping them updated. Delivery times vary depending on the type of portrait and the standing waiting list at the time of the commission. However, please note that a medium-sized oil portrait is usually painted in about a month. My advice is to proceed with the first contact well in advance as, sometimes, it happened to me that I could not, unfortunately, satisfy the requests as they were confirmed too late. I do ship, insured,  Worldwide.

I hope you have now a better idea of how to commission a portrait; please feel free to contact me for any information you may require or for a bespoke painting at my email I will be very pleased to hearing from you!

Watch the video with examples of portraits:



Albert Edwin Flury offers you portraits painted exclusively in oil with glazes according to the ancient technique, with a particular and unmistakable style whose subjects, while maintaining their likeness, are transposed onto canvas through his personal artistic sensibility. Only from these assumptions derive the guarantee of an author's painting that will embellish any collection.

For any further information, you can contact the Master's studio at the references you find on the Main Page of this site.

To view other works and portraits, please select the Galleries from the main menu. If you are interested in seeing the paintings progress and always being updated on the artist's news and events, subscribe to the Youtube channel and on Social Networks. The links are shown at the top of this page. Thank you for visiting!

ritratto su commissione
Oil Portrait
Oil Portrait
ritratti su commissione
di albert edwin flury
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